Funny Tale of Love in Paradise

Once upon a time in the botanical gardens there lived a beautiful girl named Rose. The beauty of Rose could be summed up in one word Exotica. One day in the Morning Glory, Rose and her best friend Lily set off to visit Jasmine. They took some bright yellow Sunflowers and Candytuft.

Jasmine lived in Magnolia, which was a long way off, and the girls had to trek up and down the hills. They also had to Crossandra a river named Thyme, which was infested with Crocuses. They had gone only halfway when they saw a Phlox of Vulgaris coming towards them. They turned white as Snow Drop. They hesitated, but being brave girls they forged ahead. 

The group of Vulgaris were upon them in no time. They whistled and teased them & yelled “Where are you going. Buttercups…?” As usually done under such circumstances the girls ignored and went ahead. Suddenly one of them named Aster caught hold of Rose and she screamed “Touch-Me-Not, you Railway Creeper”. A big tussle followed the girls held on their front. Lily saw some Butcher’s Broom, she picked them up and thrashed them Violet and Blue. The girls were quickly getting exhausted, it is said that the luck favours the fearless, for, coming along the path was Prince Adonis and his friend Sweet Williams on their Peony. “HollyHock!!!!” said Prince Adonis “What is happening here?” And both the friends sprang into action and saved the girls!!!. They offered to escort the damsels in distress to their friend’s house.

It was love at first sight for Rose and Prince Adonis. It was hard to miss the love blossoming between the two. Not far behind was Sweet Williams whose Iris were only on Lily. The Cupid had struck; the Cosmos was filled with Lavender, Daffodils and Geraniums. The Cineraria was beautiful. It wasn’t long before each asked the other to be their Valentine. The journey was nearly coming to an end so they had to part. Adonis said “Forget-Me-Not Oh! sweet Rose we will meet again” and they departed.

Lost in their own thoughts they reached the Bougainvillea where Jasmine lived and they rang the Bluebells. Jasmine’s Poppy named Pixie lily came running out greeting them with small barks. Oh !!!Petunia !! exclaimed Rose and patted the pup. Though they were having a good time it didn’t seem like old times for Rose and Lily because their heart and soul was elsewhere they had transformed from girls to ladies in no time.

With heavy heart they left their friends house to head home when they heard the sound of Carnations. It was Adonis & Sweet Williams to sweep them off their feet. Adonis asked Rose “Will you Marigold me?” Rose felt like the ‘Queen Of The Night' Lily went all Lilac when she said, “Yes” to Sweet Williams. Standing in bliss under the Rhododendrons the couples kissed with Tulips and sealed their love forever as flowers showered from above.

The Calendula showed the Date Plum had arrived when the couples would tie the knot and exchange their vows. The Sage in Saffron stood ready. Trembling like an Aspen, Rose arrived in Pimpernel Red. Adonis looked smart, his shoes shinning with Cherry Blossom !! Sweet Williams looked into the Hazel eyes of Lily & Periwinkle..d. Chris and the mums (Chrysanthemums), Jasmine, Daisy Cypress were all present to bless the newly weds. Love was in the air. Cupid flew like Pheonix to strike the next unsuspecting two.

Do you think it struck You?
If you have missed the cue read again for all the red coloured words are names of flowers