Sound, Sight And………. Spice of India

Trrring… Trrring … Trrring … Trrring …the alarm rang incessantly. He could hear his wife tinkering in the kitchen, she will get my tea to bed as prompt as my alarm.. .. “Tea” said Mohini, “Hmmm” said Harish. He got up and leaned back against the wall and sipped the hot tea and closed his eyes floating between sleepiness and wakefulness .Far off the calling of Azaan by the Maulvi resonated Allah…O, everyday without fail, such dedication .He for one was confused about religion. Soon he heard the early morning bhajan put on a cassette, from the temple nearby, and he absently played the tune in his head. He said to himself “Today I have to fix the Net work at office and also catch the linesman and give him Rs. 50/- or Rs.100/- to get my telephone in working condition”. With a sudden burst of energy and determination he started his morning routine of shaving, bath, breakfast with the morning news blaring on the TV .He stepped out and started his scooter, he wanted to cross the railway crossing before the gates closed for the morning train else…late again
Whrrroom…… before the gates came down he was on the other side. Lucky day today or what? He reached his workplace and logged on to his system …Well, No mails, No ‘You are short listed candidate for a fantastic company with fantastic pay’.
The boss boomed “Harish, today I hope the Network will be up and running, I want all you guys in for a meeting at 12 noon. Have you nailed the problem or is it beyond you?” “Yes Sir, it will be done today” he replied. He worked diligently and almost got it up when the power failed. Everybody waited for the generator to kick in, it always started immediately but today…. it just didn’t .All work came to a grinding halt. The meeting was rescheduled and was held immediately, tempers flared, boss was exploding. Harish remained hidden behind some taller guys. A lot of planning was done, endless suggestions were put forth. Nearly all were ruled out for some reason or the other .The meeting stretched on and  on. Harish's concentration waned and his thoughts flew from one topic to another, he could barely hear what was going on in the conference room . .... tomorrow I'll have to come early and check the Net work before any one arrives otherwise I had it...from the ... . He looked at this young 20 something MBA fresher eager to have her say in the ongoing discussion. He thought cynically "I give you one year". Almost immediately his mind wondered to his wife at home. He was brought back to the conference room by the rustling and bustling of people exiting. It was time to break off 5.30pm, accomplishing nothing Harish made his exit.
He started his scooter for his trip back home, but it just wouldn’t Arrgghhh.. Why does everything go wrong on the same day? He parked his scooter for the night and ran to catch the bus which meant that he would not be able to catch ‘that linesman chap’. The bus was overloaded, with one foot stuck on the last step he boarded. He enjoyed the thrill, the breeze, and the freedom and of course ticket less ride. The bus stopped at the signal he felt somebody brush his feet and looked down it was an old lady begging. He always felt confused about beggars if you give money you are encouraging them to beg, if not then you are not charitable, perhaps her son might snatch it for his own beedi, maybe the old lady will have tobacco or beedi herself, luckily the signal turned green, he got away, decision pending. Nearer home the temples were now playing songs that had filmy tune but the words had been changed with gods and goddesses names. His wife appeared busy cooking, what does she do whole day anyway?
Night fell and the alarm clock was set again.
The alarm went off………. She woke up; yesterday she had lived one day of his life …