Dreams come true: Mangaliyawas

I saw a very happy face…. It asked me, ‘Have your dreams ever come true?’

‘err….’ I said not knowing where this was leading.

‘You should visit the Kalpavriksh at Mangaliyawas and make a wish, it will come true…100%!’ guaranteed the face

How, where ????? when I wanted all the details so I hung on asking polite questions to the face without letting on  that I had fallen hook, line and sinker.

We were at that time at Nasirabad.

Did you just say where is Nasirabad?

It’s close to Ajmer, about 30 minutes drive, 21km. It’s a laid back town still living in an un-cluttered world with minimum needs. The best thing about Nasirabad is the Kachora, …yes…KachoRA, that you get there. It’s big in size, almost the size of a rumali roti, filled with spicy dal or onion mixture. When it is made, at precisely 7.30 in the morning, the aroma wafts through the market (and the surrounding area) and beckons you… entices you… to just buy it. Your mouth WILL water and the first bite WILL take you to heaven!

So back to ‘how to make dreams come true’

I collected all this knowledge of the whereabouts of this kalpavriksh and decided to head there immediately. Why delay more?

There were two ways to reach Magaliyawas either by taking the highway which would mean going to Ajmer first and then catching the NH8. From Ajmer it’s approximately 25km. Or take a short cut directly to Magaliyawas. I opted for the latter of course! since immediately means without delay. 

The road turned out to be terrible and I started wondering whether I had made a hasty decision.  Was the face truthful? 

After a back-breaking 45 minutes the road joined the NH8 and I was back on track… with my enthusiasm too. It was a true face. 

From the national highway towards Udaipur I took a right and there it was the entrance to the village ‘Mangaliyawas’.  I could feel the serenity and my laden anticipation. As if right then and there if I wished for something and bang it would be there! 
I entered the temple premises; there were these two massive trees, each was dressed in stings of red thread all around. Nobody else was there. I looked at the first tree. Do I just stand here and make my wish?

My mind which had initially been very clear as to what I wanted now balked and changed tracks. What I thought was the most important wish of mine became nothing. My kids, my husband, my parents ..family…everybody’s wishes and aspirations and requirements came up in my mind. A very generic wish which would be true for all ..took shape…. I was confused….the magic I had come seeking was dissolving at a rapid pace. I stopped it then and there and asked myself what is my greatest and most pending wish. What is it that I want more than anything else in this world……what do I truly truly want? I just came up with a blank. After some coerced thinking I came up with many many different things I wanted but couldn’t come up with that one thing that I really wanted. How strange....

I saw a panditji approach me. 

‘Are you coming from Delhi’ He asked in Hindi

‘Haan’ I said a little too quickly, well I didn’t want to disclose from where I was coming to a complete stranger!! And I am basically from Delhi, so it was the truth right?.

‘Indiraji had also come here long back’ he said looking at my face for some… I don’t know what recognition?! ‘Now BJP is in satta……do you support BJP?’ he asked

‘urr….’  I looked on stoically 

He guided me to the first tree and pointed at it and said ‘This is nar tree, male tree’

And then took me to the other one and said ‘this is nari tree, both are Kalpavriksh and they emerged when the churning of ocean of milk happened. Do you know about it?’ He asked

I half nodded.

His voice transformed to a more serious and story-telling tone. ‘Once long long back.. ancient period..’ he stopped and added ‘It is written in puranas…..A sage called Durvasa got very angry at ‘Indra’ - the king of Gods and cursed all the gods. The gods started losing their power and strength and the ‘asuras’ – The demons started creating havoc. The gods approached ‘Vishnu’- The preserver. Vishu advised that all gods should drink the ‘nectar of immortality’ and to get that the ocean had to churned. During this  churning of ocean ‘Samudra manthan’ many useful things came out.' 

‘Among the things that came out during the ‘samudhra manthan’ …. were these two trees, kalpavriksh. They were located somewhere else but when there was a massive flood the trees got uprooted and landed here.’ He continued

‘Do you see that?’ He pointed at some very interesting depressions and folds on the trunk, ‘that’s Yoni’ and he explained further ‘In ancient Indian text ‘Yoni’ (Vagina or womb) is the representation of the creative force of life.’

‘This tree produces one fruit in many years. Last year we got a fruit, women who can’t bear children just need to have a little bit of this fruit. And they will bear children immediately.’ He added

‘Whatever you want ..ask… and when it comes true, come back here and do a pooja ok?’ he asked 

I nodded, the narration had transported me to ancient Indian times, did all this happen? Were earlier times filled with mysticism and magic? Have people imagined all this and passed it on sprinkled with spice and added mystery? How much of it is a true account and how much of it is the result of a creative mind, skillful narration.. And what about the facts that have been lost in translation so to say……

‘May your wish come true’ He blessed thinking that I was asking for something really big.

I came back in 'time' and hastily wished for ………. ‘general happiness for the entire world’ (darn!)

A contended me headed back and who did I run into but a dear friend.

‘You look so happy, where are you coming from?’ she asked

‘Have your dreams ever come true? My Happy face asked….


  1. What a delightful blog indu.. Well narrated. It makes one want to pack and head for mangaliyawas and await a wish coming true.

  2. Very well written. I wish you could share a picture of the trees.

  3. Jaishree RaviAugust 26, 2014

    Interesting read... Remember seeing a tree like that in Ajmer. Did we see it together? Haven't visited your blog in many days. Many interesting additions.

  4. Nicely written indu... but, general happiness for the whole world,,, that's where you went wrong.. :)

    1. Yah I know...
      hope I have saved the world from an alien attack with my wish ;-)

  5. The 'face' the happy one is doing some magic in your mind in conjuring up some exotic themes that delve both in the real and the mystic. Your ability to manage the real and the mystic in a relationship that blends seamless and harmonious, is your strong point. Mangalyawas near Ajmer, I remember, you had taken us there once, indeed presents a picture of mysticism; the two huge trees with the attendant pundit really took us on a trip to days of the mystic yore,


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