Chronicles of Andaman V

Quite by accident, I discovered this most beautiful moth in the world. I was totally awestruck. I ran to get my mobile afraid that it would disappear whilst I am gone. But, that didn’t happen; it was waiting patiently and I clicked. It continued to pose while I tried every angle to capture its beauty. I was just not satisfied, I stopped and stared. It was beautiful alright, but... how was I to know that it was magical as well?

‘Stare all you want at my battle torn wings.’ It said

And a vision formed right above it, inviting and beckoning. I looked right and left and then dove right into the vision.

It was there in all its glory; complete and unblemished. It flitted around... gently ...stopping here, stopping there unable to decide. Restless it flew again to another source and finally grabbed an insect and sucked its juice and turned it around; toying and enjoying its catch. As it savoured, contentment filled and it felt drowsy and settled for a siesta at the same spot. It was a good spot for this is where it was satiated and fulfilled.   

A juvenile snake was watching this whole affair with interest. Still, and looking for a chance, it watched the moth and thought, such beauty yet so dumb.

‘Eat, eat all you want for this is your last supper,’ said the snake.

The moth's wings quivered, in bliss, drunken on satisfaction. It contemplated moving up to a secure location.

‘Just a minute later,’ resolved the moth.

The snake slithered closer and took one last look at its magnificent and juicy snack. Striking the prey at the right moment was crucial to perfect execution. It is the shock, surprise, and fear that sends the juices spurting through the body, shooting it through every little vein of the prey - making it tastier.

At the chosen moment it lurched springing from its well hidden berth.
At the same chosen moment the moth chose to move up.

Shock, surprise and fear sent juices squirting through its body; it wrapped its wing around its body and slipped from the poised fang of the snake. The snaked struggled grabbing at anything and everything positioning its fang. It twisted tight feeling the prey slip. The moth rolled away from the fang and fell through the open mouth of the snake into its stomach.

‘No! I want to bite first and relish you’ thought the snake as it felt the moth slip into the tunnel of its body. Disgusted the snake moved its muscles and pushed the moth deeper and further. The moth gripped at inner lining of the pulsating muscles and crept upwards choking the throat of the snake, forcing it to open its mouth. The snake regurgitated and got its fang out, yet again, with pleasure. However, the moth rolled and spread its mutilated wings and flew out and away from the snake. The snake looked at it with disbelief. It was now perched so high; the winner of the duel.

The moth that entered the snake’s stomach and remained alive to tell the tale , bore the medal on the tip of its wings. It showed the hood of a snake.

Snake Faced Moth


  1. Jaishree RaviMarch 21, 2011

    Ooooh! The close-up is scary indeed. It really looks as though the moth has struggled out of a snake's body. Well written!

  2. Hi Indu,
    'Snake faced' moth ---- Sure you found the reason for the name.
    That's fantastic imagination- the snake pushing the moth down its body tunnel and the moth forcing it's way up and escape ; incredible!!. The descriptive narration fits the bill for fantasy tales.

  3. Ah...ahahahha!!!!!never challenge a beauty

    ."hey indoo very well written

  4. Mary ManjulaMarch 29, 2011


    That's real cool, especially snake head lookalike wear for a moth. You make them very interesting.

    Thanks. Enjoyed.


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