Yes, It has been a while.....
and the result is a juicy tale for kids.
I think you will enjoy being....

Trapped in the Mind Zone

It's a kindle edition eBook.
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  1. A mind-blowing story

    Feroz and Firan, the two main characters of the book “Trapped in the Mind Zone,” share similar qualities - they both are courageous, observant and sensitive. It was these qualities that brought them close to each other and motivated Yapra to involve them in his secretive and exciting project. A natural parapsychologist, Yapra has a deep understanding of hypnotism and telepathy. His amazing powers allowed him to not only gain control over people, but animals too.

    Upon getting approval from Feroz and Firan, Yapra makes arrangements to send them to a world that is beyond human imagination. This strange world is full of surprises and mysteries, and is significantly far above the normal world.

    The story progresses at a steady pace and successfully hooks readers. Unexpected twists and turns add to the story's intrigue. Indoo Sri, the author of this book, has produced a well-crafted story with captivating characters and an interesting story line.

  2. You are definitely trapped in this mind maze, alright!

    Stick some fiery wings of imagination of a higher psychological order to a young adult fiction book and this e-book that you are probably planning on handling in kindle is the answer to it.

    Feroz, a 13 year old boy, always in the throes of imagining too much; imaginations of a superlative quality, ensnares a new friend, Firan (besides the small squadron of school friends he’s already got) who is equally bursty in her make-believe skills. And this skill set alone makes them so wanted in the eyes of a ‘madman’; in fact an intelligent madman who has the power to play mind games with you. And with their consent, although without their knowledge, he readies them for his little dangerous experiment. One of Firan’s escapades into a cosy nook in her garden starts the whole experiment going. But this time around Feroz joins in with her too. And so the ‘madman’ sidles them forward to their ghastly fate into another unexplored, never-before-treaded terrain where matters only worsen placing these kids in a deuce of a mess.
    To know if they will ever redeem themselves of this sticky situation they are in, you will have to check out for yourselves by grabbing a digital hold of this book.
    The characters are chatty, feisty and have the courage to foray into a place outside of one’s usual territory, where in this case, things happen more or less like a dream. There is some simple latticework of mind play to be expected in this book. So get hold of this e-book for a quick weekend read. If you have a teenager lingering about at home, this is then a perfect way for them to spend their weekend.


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